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Conquering Chemistry 4th edition HSC Course, 

by Roland Smith.

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The CC website is being written and maintained by the author. Please note that the site will change and grow as time passes (and as understanding of the full implications of the new syllabus improves). The site contains

· some explanations of why things have been done in the book in the way they have and in the order used
· some suggestions or comments about teaching (or learning) certain topics
· more detailed information about certain topics (perhaps going beyond the letter of the syllabus)
· extra exercises (often a bit harder than perhaps is required by the syllabus).
· corrections for any errors as they are found.


The major sections of this website are listed below. Just click on the one that you want to look at. Because material will be regularly added and/or updated, each section carries the date on which it was last modified. 


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About the author (20/3/2006)

Hard copy, CD, ebook and websites – some explanations (6/2/2014)

Some comments about the 4th edition of Conquering Chemistry (20/3/2006)

Module 1: The identification and production of materials (10/11/2000; last revised 4/2/2014)

Module 2: The acidic environment (24/1/2001; last revised 14/6/2006)

Module 3: Chemical monitoring and management (28/4/2001; last revised 4/2/2014)

Option 1: Industrial chemistry (3/3/2003; last revised 15/3/2009)

Option 2: Shipwrecks, corrosion and conservation (31/7/2001; last revised 15/3/2009)

Option 3: Forensic chemistry (3/12/2002; last revised 16/8/2009))

Errors (10/11/2000, last revised 4/2/2014)

Answers and comments for the 2005 HSC exam paper (1/6/2007 revised 15/3/2009)

Answers and comments for the 2006 HSC exam paper (1/7/2007)

Answers and comments for the 2007 HSC exam paper (19/4/2009)

Answers and comments for the 2008 HSC exam paper (5/8/2009)

Answers and comments for the 2012 HSC exam paper (31/3/2013)

Answers and comments for the 2013 HSC exam paper (3/4/2014)

The Preliminary Course page contains information about the contents of that book and about how its contents relate to the syllabus with comments about some of the course material. To go there just click on the underlined blue words.

Errors, suggestions and contact address

Please let me know (at the E-mail address below) of any errors you find, particularly in the answers to exercises. The Errors section above will be regularly updated as new errors emerge.

I am happy to receive suggestions from teachers and students on what should be included in this web site. Also if you find passages in the book that seem particularly obscure, please let me know: I may be able to remedy such problems on this web site. Just E-mail me at the address below. 

I shall answer all E-mails, but it may not be all that promptly: I do not switch on my computer every day and do not log on to the Internet every time I switch on. Please allow two weeks for a reply before sending an irate follow-up message!

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