About the author

Roland Smith was born and bred in North Queensland, trained at Queensland and Monash Universities and is still hoping to become educated. He worked as a high school science teacher and CSIRO research scientist before joining the academic staff of Macquarie University in Sydney where he taught and carried out research (into atmospheric pollution and the ozone hole) for twenty eight years. He left the university in 1996 to pursue writing and consulting interests.

He is the author of

Conquering Chemistry, 1st edition 1987, 2nd edition 1994, 3rd edition (in two volumes) 2000 and 4th edition (two volumes) 2004, 05

Problems in Chemistry, 1st edition 1990, 2nd edition 1998

Exploring Chemistry, 1996

and a joint author of

Chemistry in Use, Book 1, 2005 and Book 2, 2006.

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