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Conquering Chemistry
4th edition

Preliminary Course (blue book), and

HSC Course (red book)

by Roland Smith

currently published by
 Nelson Cengage Learning

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Laboratory experiments (first-hand investigations) to go with Conquering Chemistry

Conquering Chemistry does not contain experiments. However the publisher has produced two Teacher Resource CDs that include, among other things, full procedures for all the compulsory experiments (first-hand investigations) required for both the Preliminary and the HSC courses. These CDs are updated and extended versions of the Blackline Masters books that were previously available. They have been written by Deb Smith, a highly regarded and well-experienced teacher with considerable involvement in curriculum development committees. Deb is also an author of Chemistry in Use, a two-volume work for Queensland Year 11 and 12 students. Details of the CDs are:

Conquering Chemistry Preliminary Course Teacher Resource CD-ROM by Deb Smith, 2007, ISBN 9780074717851

Conquering Chemistry HSC Course Teacher Resource CD-ROM by Deb Smith, 2007, ISBN 9780074717868

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Conquering Chemistry 4th edition was originally published by McGraw-Hill Australia in 2004-05. It is now being published by Nelson Cengage Learning. Information about this publisher and about how to purchase the books can be obtained from